Discover Klamath County

Ahh, Klamath County! The very home of Crater Lake. Half a hop from the Lava Beds National Monument. Smack dab in the middle of the largest migratory bird route in the west, Native American and World War II sites that will really get you thinking. Raft on class IV whitewater or serenely drift on meandering rivers chock full of ravenous trout that practically leap into your boat. Not to mention historical arts and culture in Klamath Falls. Oh and centuries of stunning cycling and mountain biking. Hiking? Oh, yes there’s hiking. And did I mention Crater Lake? I did? Well, there’s just so much to do in Klamath County, you really need to get down here and see it for yourself. Come on. Meet me in Klamath!

Discovering Klamath

Can a place be popular and also uncrowded? Refined and unpretentious? In Klamath, yes!

Klamath County is the destination for on-the-map attractions and off-the-grid discoveries. Here you’ll enjoy crisp clean air, brilliant blue waters, wide open spaces, breathtaking views, and an abundance of rivers and lakes along with numerous protected wildlife areas, and over 300 days of sunshine annually to take it all in. Klamath’s comfortable climate makes it stress-free and easy to enjoy the scenic beauty, relaxed attitude, and recreational opportunities year-round, providing that much needed renewal from the day-to-day grind of larger, more-hectic city lifestyles. It’s no wonder Klamath County is increasingly a first-choice destination. What are you waiting for? Meet me in Klamath and start discovering what all the buzz is about!

Top Reasons to Visit


You can reach Klamath County by a variety of ways, including by plane, by train, or by automobile.

   Bursting with Wildlife

Klamath’s high desert region is rich in wildlife with a variety of terrain offering many viewing and hunting opportunities. Known as a “birders paradise” Klamath County is teeming with over 350 species of birds that migrate through the region.

   Variety of Accommodation

With many hotels, motels, AirBnB’s, bed & breakfasts, camping facilities, RV parks, and vacation rentals, you’ll find the lodging for every taste and style.

   Ancient History

From our turn-of-the-20th-century downtown with its vintage restored theater, to nearby sites and museums exploring Native American culture and WWII, Klamath is a fascinating destination for history buffs and family explorers.

 Ecological Richness

Molded by a fiery volcanic past, Klamath County is dominated by soaring volcanic peaks, expansive lava flows, lava tubes, caves, spatter cones, and steaming fumaroles waiting to be explored.

 Photographic Hides

Visit the Southern Oregon’s top locations for wildlife, landscape and cultural photography and look beyond the magnificent views to learn about the regions history. Whether you fancy wildlife, landscape, architectural, or quaint farmland photography the Klamath Basin is sure to surprise you.

Trip Ideas

Whether you’re an adventure junkie, a devout worshipper of the weekend getaway, or searching for a way to create family memories, there’s a trip just for you in Klamath County.

So you want to visit Klamath County?

This guide will show you why Klamath is the perfect spot for your vacation!

So you want to visit Klamath County?

This guide will show you why Klamath is the perfect spot for your vacation!