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Upper Klamath Loop

This ride is a challenge due its length but is a great way to see the best of Klamath Lake. Start early and preferably on the weekend for lighter traffic on Hwy 140 from mile 6 to mile 25. Once off the highway enjoy 17 miles of low traffic, wide shoulders and long sight distances on the Westside Road. Next is the scenic Wood River Valley where you pass through fertile farm land, spring feed streams and Fort Klamath makes for a good refueling stop at mile 50. Then you head south back to Klamath. Note there is another six mile section of busy Hwy 97 but there are adequate shoulders and there is also some gravel through Plum Valley but is is ultra fine, compact and smoother than some of the local chip seal.

Click on the route in the map to print a map and cue sheet.

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Three Ultimate Weekend Getaways for Adventurers, Families, and Retirees

No two trips to Klamath County are ever quite alike: Adrenaline junkies love the region’s outdoor thrills, families appreciate easy-going adventure, and retirees can stay as active as they feel. And that’s to say nothing of the museums, performing arts venues, and farm-to-table restaurants that take advantage of the region’s rich agriculture. Fortunately, there’s plenty in Klamath County to please travelers of all stripes—and with 300 days of sunshine every year, plenty of time to enjoy it all. So as you plan your next weekend

The Best Food for Takeout in Klamath Falls

Best Takeout Restaurants in Klamath Falls, Oregon Oregon is well known for its incredible ingredients, from black truffles and hazelnuts to sustainably caught tuna, salmon and crab, to locally grown potatoes, mint, onion and garlic. Not to mention the wine and beer scene. Klamath Falls restaurants are no exception to this, and many of them use locally-sourced ingredients, like the ones mentioned above. As more people declare themselves “foodies” it only makes sense that dining has become an even larger part of the travel experience.

The 5 Best Adventure and Ale Pairings in Klamath

Oregon knows beer. It’s as easy to find as rivers to explore and mountains to climb. Southern Oregon’s Klamath Falls has been at the forefront of this hoppy trend since its first brewpub opened in 1997. And with its 300-plus days of sunshine and easy access to incredible outdoor adventure—including Crater Lake National Park—Klamath Falls is quickly becoming the perfect place to explore trails and enjoy a beer at the end of a day of fun. After all, there is nothing quite like sitting down