Top Airport to Get to Klamath Falls, Oregon?

Klamath Falls is home to the Crater Lake–Klamath Regional Airport, a public use airport in Klamath County, Oregon, five miles southeast of the City of Klamath Falls, which owns it. It is used by general aviation, military aviation and a few airline flights. What airlines fly into Klamath Falls Oregon? Unfortunately at this time the Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport is not being served by any commercial airlines. In August 2017 Peninsula Airways, Inc. (PenAir), which had been providing daily flights to and from Portland, ceased service in Klamath Falls as a result of filing of Chapter 11, which left Klamath Falls with no commercial airline service. The airport team has since been diligently working on replacing commercial air service with other boutique airline partners. Those looking to travel to and from Klamath Falls will need to use the next closest airport to Klamath Falls, Oregon.

There are multiple small, regional airports in the immediate Klamath Falls area but just one with commercial service, the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport. This airport is the top choice for air travel serving much of the southern Oregon and northern California region. The airport code designator to use when searching for flights is ‘MFR’. The closest major airport to Klamath Falls, Oregon that locals and visitors use to come to Klamath Falls is Portland International Airport, PDX, which is about a five-hour drive from Klamath in a rental car or a day’s trip via Amtrak. With increasing popularity in fly-drive trips, this may be the most appealing option for your trip.

What Airlines Fly Into and Out of Klamath Falls, Oregon?

Downtown Flag and hanging flower basket with pink and purple petunias on a lamppost in Downtown Klamath Falls.What airlines fly out of Klamath Falls Oregon? While there are no commercial flights from Klamath Falls, the Rogue Valley International airport has access to multiple airlines when traveling into or out of the area. This includes popular airlines like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, and United but also lesser known airlines like Avelo, Allegiant, and Aha!. These airlines provide travel to major airports and metropolitan areas in the west like Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, and more. Portland International Airport offers even more airlines to choose from. As the closest airport only 70 miles away, the Rogue Valley International Airport makes Klamath Falls more than accessible to travel to and from by air.

Getting To and From Klamath Falls from the Nearby Airport

The Rogue Valley International Medford Airport is located in Medford, Oregon, just over an hour’s drive from Klamath Falls. When needing to travel to or from Klamath Falls to this airport, there are plenty of ways to get around. A personal vehicle can be rented in Klamath Falls or at the Medford airport, The POINT’s SouthWest Route provides daily bus service between Klamath Falls and Brookings – stopping in Medford, Amtrak provides passenger service directly to downtown Klamath Falls, and the Basin Transit Service Transportation Service District (BTS) is the provider of public transit services once you are in the area.

Regardless of how you choose to fly to Klamath Falls, the area is more than accessible and there are plenty of things to see and do when you are here!