Top Airlines for Traveling to Klamath Falls

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Top Airlines for Traveling to Klamath Falls

What airlines fly out of Klamath Falls Oregon? Unfortunately at this time the Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport, Klamath Falls’ airport, is not being served by any commercial airlines for flights from Klamath Falls. The next  closest airport to Klamath Falls Oregon with commercial service is the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport, 70 miles to the west of Klamath Falls, just over an hour’s drive. This is the top airport in the area serving the Rogue Valley, southern Oregon, and northern California region and uses ‘MFR’ as the airport code designator. With multiple airlines coming in and out of this international airport, the most well-known in the region are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, and United. From the Medford airport you can take the Point Shuttle to Klamath Falls, which operates every day of the week and holidays. All POINT buses are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. Once you arrive in the area, there are multiple ways to get around the Klamath Basin. 

What Airlines Fly Into and Out of Klamath Falls

Mural of Kinglsey Field, a base in Klamath Falls for Air National Guard.

Kingsley Field Mural in Downtown Klamath Falls

What airlines fly into Klamath Falls Oregon? Well none currently, though the City of Klamath Falls has been working on recruiting a new domestic airport service partner. There has not been any scheduled air carrier service provided to the Crater Lake – Klamath Regional Airport (LMT) since 2017. However, there are still flights from Klamath even though they are not commercial air service since LMT is operated as a general aviation airport. In the base year of 2018, LMT accommodated an estimated 48,500 aircraft takeoffs and landings and had 85 based civilian aircraft and 32 military based aircraft.

Klamath Falls is home to Kingsley Field, an Air National Guard Base. Kingsley Field has a long history in the Klamath Basin. Once a Naval Air Station and active duty Air Force Base, Kingsley Field is now the home of the 173rd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard. Kingsley Field is named after Lt. David R. Kingsley, an Oregon World War II hero who was killed in action. Although Kingsley Field and the Crater Lake – Klamath Regional Airport are situated next to each other, they do not operate on a joint-use or shared-use program. Each entity has their own facilities and runways.

Traveling by airplane into and out of the Klamath Falls area by way of the Rogue Valley International Medford Airport is easily accessible by multiple airlines. As noted above, this airport near Klamath Falls has service from multiple popular airlines like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, and United. Additionally, there are smaller airlines like Avelo, Allegiant, and Aha! also serving the area.

Tips for Traveling by Air in Klamath Falls

F-15 jet in hangar at Kingsley Field.

An F-15 Jet on display at Sentry Eagle Open House at Kinglsey Field.

With increased air travel in the Medford airport, there are multiple airline travel tips that can be helpful so your trip to and from Klamath Falls goes as smoothly as possible. This includes checking into your flight early, getting to the airport early, having your boarding pass and ID ready to go, and using the security bins to stay organized. Beginning May 3, 2023, if you plan to use your state-issued ID or license to fly within the U.S., make sure it is REAL ID compliant. For most folks in Oregon who have not received a new state-issued ID in the last one to two years, their ID’s are not REAL ID compliant and they will need to bring an alternate form of ID, such as a passport, that is compliant if they plan to travel by air. If you are not sure if your ID complies with the REAL ID act, check with your state department of motor vehicles.

Don’t forget to enjoy your trip to the Klamath Falls area by exploring the area like visiting Crater Lake, hiking in the mountains, or just walking the downtown area.