The Crater Lake Zipline is the only tree-based canopy tour on U.S. Forest Service Land. You’ll experience Oregon at its finest on your 2½ hour tour. With magnificent views of Upper Klamath Lake, Cascade peaks like Mt. McLoughlin and Pelican Butte and the rim of Crater Lake in the distance, it feels like you can see forever. Oh, the beauty! Oh, the thrill! Soak in the views from our ALL tree-based platforms and zing down the hillside on 9 ziplines covering a mile and a half of cable! Two of our zips are a quarter mile long each and a few more are not far behind. Plus, you’ll conquer two sky bridges suspended in the trees, rappel from platform to platform on our special DEUS descent and oh, the finale! You’ll exit your tree top adventure with a leap of faith as you step into air and Just. Let. Go!

Zipping from tree to tree on suspended cables in and above the tree canopy at heights of 90 feet or more is a rush. This is the kind of tour that allows guests a look up close and personal into the tree canopy. To see the forest at a height typically reserved for birds, insects and animals that climb is pretty special. To feel the windblown sway of a healthy tree, look out over the tree top landscape and know that you are IN IT can do funny things to your insides. And, I don’t just mean the belly flip flop rush of adrenaline you might feel. It’s the feeling that bubbles up and makes you want to throw your head back, inhale deep, find your perma grin and Just. Let. Go!