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Our Guide to Winter Ice

When the temperatures drop, it’s time to lace up your skates and hit the ice! Everyone can have fun on the ice in Klamath County, whether they’re veteran ice skaters or first timers. The Bill Collier Community Ice Arena is southern Oregon’s premier ice rink, and visitors can enjoy winter sports for kids and adults like ice skating, ice hockey, broomball, and more.

The arena is covered by a pavilion-style roof that protects visitors from harsh sun rays while still allowing for panoramic views of the Klamath Basin. If you don’t want to skate, you can try ice fishing! While it’s possible to go ice fishing all year round, winter in Klamath County is the best time to try it out. Lake of the Woods has some of the best ice fishing in Oregon, and you can find fish like rainbow trout and yellow perch.

Bill Collier Ice Arena

Ice skating, hockey, broomball and more! Located just inside the entrance to the Running Y Resort, off Highway 140 West, the Bill Collier Ice Arena opened in January, 2002. The facility has a 200’x85′ refrigerated slab and is protected from the weather by a tensile fabric, pavilion-style roof that provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside, continuing the long tradition of outdoor skating in the Klamath Basin. During its five month long season, the ice arena offers a wide variety of ice skating opportunities to both residents of and visitors to our area.

Ice Fishing At Lake Of The Woods

Fishing is a four season sport in Klamath County. When the weather is cold enough, Lake of the Woods freezes over providing one the best places for ice fishing in Southern Oregon. Here you will find yellow perch, and if you’re lucky, rainbow trout. Lake of the Woods Resort also offers cozy cabins and RV site accommodations, as well as dining on site to make your trip even easier.