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Horseback Riding

We in Klamath, Lake and Modoc County know what you’re looking for when you want to ride horseback: a beautiful trail and plenty of room to move around. That’s all. And you’ll find it here, where local horse enthusiasts have teamed up with federal and state rangers to develop a network of camping and trail facilities geared to equestrian pursuits. For endless trails and beauty consider Crescent Lake Oregon, located off Highway 58 on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains just ten minutes away from the Willamette Pass Ski Area. Horseback riders will enjoy the endless trails and ride on a bit of history as they ride a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Crater Lake National Park

There are two parking areas suitable for horse trailers where one can access the Pacific Crest Trail. One is near Mazama Village and the other is where the trail crosses the north entrance road. At one point a trail leads to within a half-mile of the rim of beautiful Crater Lake. Managed by Crater Lake National Park.

North Fork Trail

From Bly, OR this 13 ½ mile trails takes you on a ride through the heart of the Gearhart Wilderness Area. Visit Blue Lake, Lookout Rock and Boulder Creek. Managed by Bly Ranger District.

Willow Prairie Horse Camp

From Klamath Falls near Fish Lake, this is a great ride if you love viewing wildlife. 5 mile ride to area wetlands. The facility offers ten camp sites with 4 small corrals at each site. Water troughs, potable water and restrooms. Managed by Butte Falls Ranger District.

Running Y Ranch Resort

Time to cowboy up and experience Running Y Ranch Resort’s horseback riding. From spectacular views of the skillet handle and the front row seat of Klamath Lake, our horseback riding adventures offer a spectacular experience of the surrounding wilderness. We’ll send you off with a guide from Running Y Horse and Trails along the skillet handle trail, where you’ll explore a forested trail with beautiful with Ponderosa and Juniper trees. Whether you’re an experienced rider or you’ve never been horseback riding before, you’ll truly experience a life-changing journey.

OC&E Woods Line State Trail

Oregon’s longest linear park at 100 miles in length. The last 88 miles of the trail are suitable for equestrian use. The ride through the Switchbacks offers spectacular views of Devil’s Garden, an old lava flow. A restroom and camping is available at the Switchback Trailhead at mile 32.5. You follow along the Sprague River as you ride east to Beatty. This section is rich in wildlife and waterfowl. At Horse Glade trailhead, restrooms and campsites are welcoming. Please travel single file and use the wood chip trail where available.


For more information regarding trails, their locations, rules & regulations for their usage please contact the applicable Ranger District.

Corral Creek

From Bly, OR this trailhead has a campground with horse corrals that will hold up to four animals and hitching rails. Gearhart Wilderness area is two miles to the north. Managed by Bly Ranger District.

Fourmile Lake Trailhead

Near Lake of the Woods and Fourmile Lake, the Rye Spur Trail offers spectacular views of Upper Klamath Lake, or you might decide to try a loop ride into nearby Sky Lakes Wilderness. Camping facilities available at Fourmile Lake. Managed by the Klamath Ranger District.

Cottonwood Meadows

Located between Bly and Lakeview, OR this 12 mile marked trail takes you near a high mountain lake and has campground facilities that offer corrals, water and feed troughs. Managed by the Lakeview Ranger District.