Dylan Schneider Concert

October 05, 2018 7:30pm–10:00pm

Ross Ragland Theather

718 N 7th St, Klamath Falls


You almost never see an artist do this much this quick, especially in country music. Dylan Schneider is wise beyond his years, especially when it comes to his songwriting. But perhaps even more impressive is Schneider’s ability and willingness to connect with fans on a personal level. “I used to freak out if an artist would respond or interact with me. It’s incredibly important to me that I do the same with my fans.” That love for fans has helped grow Schneider a collective social following of over 1,000,000. Named “country music’s next rising star” by Billboard, the 18-year-old has spent the better part of the last two years becoming the epitome of the modern country artist.

For more information visit: https://dylanschneidermusic.com

Tickets: $23-$34


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