Nickel Bingo

April 15, 2019 11:00am–3:30pm

Come enjoy a game of Bingo!

Mondays and Thursdays hosted by the Golden Age Club, Open at 12:30, first call at 1:00

Saturdays hosted by Senior Center

Open at 11:00, first call at noon

ART: Larry Heath & Morgan Newberry on Display

April 15, 2019 12:00pm–4:00pm

For the April exhibit, The Klamath Art Association and Gallery is hosting two phenomenal photographic artists, Larry Heath and Morgan Newberry. "The Artistry of Larry Heath and Morgan Newberry" will run from April 7th through April 28tht, showcasing the photographic works by the talented duo. The exhibit will open with an artist’s reception on Sunday, April 7th from noon to 4 PM.

Heath is a native of Klamath Falls. Around the age 17 or 18, he was introduced to opiates by his doctor, and his life turned upside down; eventually he served time in federal prison for 10 years. When he completed his parole in 2010, Heath started fishing the local waterways and was stunned by the wildlife and bought his first camera. Soon Heath stopped fishing (taking photos from a boat was extremely hard due to all the movement) and started walking instead to photograph the beauty of nature. This led to entering photos at fairs. All his photos are from local spots including Veterans Park and Pelican Marina, “Crater Lake is the farthest I’ve been with my camera”, Heath proclaims.

After he shoots, Heath prints his photographs in using watercolor and other illustration filters, “it is quite the challenge to get something you want to print using these modes and that challenge keeps me going”.

Morgan Newberry has always loved photography and wildlife but only in the last five years combined the two seriously. Moving to Klamath Falls in the fall of 2017 from the Portland area was a great decision.

“After being a steel worker for thirty years, cruising the refuge with my cameras is a pretty darn good retirement if you ask me, the birding and wildlife in this area is awesome to say the least, and living near Kingsley field is just a bonus.” Newberry is captivated by the sounds of freedom as the jets roar by trying to capture the planes in action.

This is Newberry’s first gallery show. “I guess the reason I do photography is that I like to share this beautiful world of ours one snapshot at a time!”

The Klamath Art Gallery is located in historic Maple Park at 120 Riverside Drive, at the South end of the Link River "birding trail." The gallery is open Thursdays through Sundays, 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. According to the Klamath Art Association bylaws our purpose is "to stimulate and encourage the practice, study, and appreciation of the arts, in the public interest." For additional information about the historic Klamath Art Association and Gallery phone 541-883-1833 during business hours. Admission is always FREE!

Zach's Bikes Weekly Road Ride - Intermediate

April 15, 2019 6:00pm–7:30pm

This is an intermediate paced road ride designed around the rider not quite ready for a hammer-fest ride but not looking for a slow ride either. This ride will be starting and possibly ending (we use the same ends of a loop) with a completely beginner friendly ride and it is expected that anybody with experience riding in groups help mentor those newer riders for the short time we’re all together. It’s about 25 miles and should take 1-1.5 hours.

The pace of this ride will start the same as the easy ride and we’ll keep it together the best we can until we get to Homedale road. From there the pace will be lifted to a 16-19 mph tempo pace with minimal surging. Try to keep drafting pulls at about 30-90 seconds maximum and let others set the pace they’re comfortable with (this helps average the group’s abilities out). This ride is about the group not an individual: please do not surge when it is your turn! We will finish this paceline tempo work once we get back to Joe Wright road and it will resume as a social ride.

If you are a beginner rider that is looking to challenge themselves, this is a perfect opportunity! If you get dropped, you will simply get picked up by the slower ride behind. It’s a great opportunity to ride with people that push you and this is a low risk way to try it out.
We will be using and practicing proper riding etiquette. If you are unfamiliar with riding in a group, we recommend reviewing some tips (see store for further resources). There are many reasons riding in a group are beneficial (it's hugely more efficient, it's motivating and it's social are just a few reasons) but safety precautions need to be adhered to.

You are expected to bring your own equipment for this ride though demo bikes are available upon request. Drop bar road bikes with tires in the 23-28mm range are the most appropriate for this ride. Flat bar road bikes do not mix well with paceline work so please demo a bike if you don’t have access to one. Helmets are required and rear blinking lights are highly recommended. Bring your own water (it gets hot and windy out there), flat kit and phone in case you get separated from the group. Please review the course so that you can navigate on your own should find yourself alone.

Zach's Bikes Weekly Beginner Road Ride

April 15, 2019 6:00pm–7:30pm

This is a slow paced ride that is equal social ride and active recovery from your hard ride on Sunday. This ride is for all levels! The pace of this ride does not exceed 20 mph and will regularly see averages in the 15 to 18 mph range and will pretty much be right at 20 miles (about 1-1.5 hours). The course that we will do can be found here. Everybody stays together and we will obey all traffic laws. We will be using a good portion of the A-canal bike path trail in order to keep our traffic interaction to a minimum, please be prepared for the expansion cracks.

If you're looking for an easy, social paced ride, this is the ride for you. Use it as a way to get acquainted with group rides or to motivate yourself to get in shape. This ride will likely have experienced cyclists present, but their mindset will be to lead: you're not holding them back.

If you're a seasoned rider looking to push yourself or want to go fast, use this ride to practice a high cadence at a slow speed. This is a ride that we want experienced cyclists to show up to so that less experienced riders can develop riding skills from watching others (remember: nobody picks this up on their own, you had to start somewhere too). We are also introducing a slightly longer and slightly fast ride leaving and starting together.

We will be using and practicing proper riding etiquette. If you are unfamiliar with riding in a group, we recommend reviewing some tips (see store for further resources). There are many reasons riding in a group are beneficial (it's hugely more efficient, it's motivating and it's social are just a few reasons) but safety precautions need to be adhered to.

While this is a beginner level ride, please show up with the right equipment. Drop bar road bikes with smooth tires in the 23-32 mm range are the most appropriate. Helmets are required. Blinking lights, flat repair kits and water are highly recommended. If you have questions about your current equipment or do not have adequate equipment, please give the shop a heads up at least 30 minutes before the ride and we should be able to come up with something for you. Please be familiar with the route. If you somehow get separated from the group you will need to find your way back - we will do our best not to let this happen though.

If you have any doubts whether this is the ride for you, please contact us. No question is a silly question.

Adult Drop-In Volleyball

April 15, 2019 7:30pm–9:00pm

6 v 6, 8 players on a team
*PRICE REDUCTION* $5 per person