Art Gallery: A Pictorial Round-up

January 16, 2019 12:00pm–4:00pm

The Klamath Art Association and Gallery will be hosting a special invitational exhibit in January 2019 honoring the contributions made to our community by ranchers, farmers, and rodeo participants. If you have artwork, photography, sculpture, or crafts such as leatherwork, blacksmithing, weaving, etc. that that exemplify the best of rural America, you are invited to submit your entries to “A Pictorial Round-Up.” This invitation is to both KAA members and non-members. The exhibit will open with an artist’s reception on Sunday, January 6 from noon to 4 PM. Voting for best of show awards will take place at the reception based on three categories: art, photography, and 3D sculpture/crafts. The gallery is located at 120 Riverside Drive and in January will be open from noon to 4 PM, Wednesdays through Sunday.

As the Klamath Art Gallery has limited space, there is a size/quantity limit for work that has to hang on the wall as follows: two works if they are under 24" x 36 inches measured from the external edges of the frame or a total of 864 square inches if they are an odd shape frame. OR: one work up to 28" x 42" as measured from the external edges of the frame or a total of 1,176 square inches as measured by the external edges of the frame. All hanging works must have wire back hangers – no hooks or loops. "Coloring Book" art is specifically excluded, and all submissions must fit the theme of the exhibit. NO exceptions.

For 3D work, sculpture and crafts, table and pedestal space is available with the amount of items at the discretion of the gallery. For non-members, there is a small entry fee of $5.00 per entry for “wall” work, and a flat $5.00 fee for work or items that sit on a pedestal or tabletop. All entries must be for sale as the gallery charges a 25% commission for members and a 30% commission for non-members. All work needs to be delivered in person to the gallery on Thursday, January 3, from 2 to 5:30 PM. Entry forms will be available at the gallery on January 3, or in advance via e-mail to using the subject line “Forms.” For complete exhibit guidelines, please visit the Klamath Art Gallery website at this link:

For more information call 541-883-1833 during normal gallery hours of operation. To request an inventory form and entry tags in advance, please send your request via email to

The Klamath Art Gallery is located in historic Maple Park at 120 Riverside Drive, at the South end of the Link River "birding trail." The gallery is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. According to the Klamath Art Association bylaws our purpose is "to stimulate and encourage the practice, study, and appreciation of the arts, in the public interest." For additional information about the historic Klamath Art Association and Gallery phone 541-883-1833 during business hours. Admission is always FREE!

Under the Sea: Paper Aquariums

January 16, 2019 4:00pm–6:00pm

We’re heading “Under the Sea” this month at the downtown Klamath County Library! (The staff of the Klamath County Library sincerely apologizes if you now have the song from Disney’s Little Mermaid stuck in your head.) Wednesdays at 4pm throughout January, we’re hosting aquatic adventures for the whole family:

  • January 16th: Paper Aquariums! These paper fish are particularly easy-to-care-for pets.
  • January 23rd: Build-a-Snack Storytime! Your delicious snack will evolve as the plot points of our undersea story are revealed!
  • January 30th: Defeat the Kraken! Test your mettle against the legendary monster of the deep.

Registration for these events is not required. Children under 10 should come with a parent or guardian, please. For more information, please call 541-882-8894 or visit the Youth Services desk.

Adult Board Game Night

January 16, 2019 5:30pm–7:30pm

Adult board game geeks: gather up your dice and games and come down to the downtown Klamath County Library on for a night of some great board games! We get together on the first, third, and fifth Wednesdays of the month at 5:30 pm.

Dominate the train industry in Ticket to Ride, loot the monster (and backstab your buddy) in Munchkin, build and trade your way to victory in Settlers of Catan, and more! (Feel free to bring your own favorite board game to share!)

For more information, call 541-882-8894 or visit the Information and Reference desk.

Adult Drop-In Volleyball

January 16, 2019 7:30pm–9:00pm

6 v 6, 8 players on a team
*PRICE REDUCTION* $5 per person