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Is Klamath Falls Worth Visiting

Why Klamath Falls, Oregon is Worth Visiting Is Klamath Falls worth visiting? If you are interested in visiting a place with crisp clean air, stunning mountain views, plenty of year-round outdoor recreation, and so much…Read More

An Insider’s Guide to Moore Mountain

Situated along the in-skirts of town, a mere skip-and-a-jump across the Link River from downtown Klamath Falls, Moore Mountain is a humble yet hugely charismatic outdoor destination buzzing with recreational opportunities. At 458 acres, it’s…Read More

Complete Guide to Golfing in Klamath Falls

Golf in Klamath Falls, Oregon There is nothing like the feeling of a great golf shot, especially if it is executed under the sunny high desert skies with a light breeze, and the beauty of…Read More

How (and Where) to Go Birding in Klamath County

If you’re an avid birder, you may well already know the quality of the birdwatching in Klamath County. After all, this is one of the best places in North America for birding, given that better…Read More

More, More, More: There’s Always More to Do in Klamath County

Klamath County is a place speckled and splashed with paradisiacal (and somewhat) paradoxical charm. In other less tongue-twistery words, Klamath County is a beautiful destination where the phrase “less is more” is equally as true…Read More

What are the People Like in Klamath Falls?

February 25, 2022 Klamath Falls, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

The People Living in Klamath Falls In 1843 the westward migration on the Oregon Trail was reaching a climax, which presented the beginning of settlement in the Klamath Falls area. In 1867 George Nurse founded…Read More

Why Klamath Falls is Dubbed Oregon’s City of Sunshine

February 18, 2022 Klamath Falls, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

The sunniest city in Oregon is located in the south-central region of the state and borders northern California. Klamath Falls enjoys well over 300 days of sunshine each year, and is known as the state…Read More

Klamath Falls Safety and Crime Stats Explained

Is Klamath Falls Safe? The City of Klamath Falls is located in the high desert of south-central Oregon, 15 miles north of the California border. It is a mid-sized city providing an abundance of scenery…Read More

A Guide to the Most Sought-After Fish in Klamath County

The Klamath Basin of southern Oregon is one of the greatest fish hotspots of the West. The geologic history of the watershed and unique geographic position straddling Cascadian and Great Basin bioregions shake out to…Read More

Top 5 Reasons You Should Live in Klamath Falls

December 28, 2021 Klamath Falls, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Klamath Falls is located in a rural and scenic part of Southern Oregon. In the high desert just east of the Cascade Mountain Range, and only 17 miles north of the California – Oregon border…Read More