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South County and Northern California Region

Nestled along the Oregon and California border, just north of Lava Beds National Monument and tucked in the heart of potato country, you’ll find a collection of historic towns chock full of all kinds of curiosities from a 1930s renovated cinema to lovely curated museums to ‘yes, of course we cook from scratch’ eateries, and one of the best quilting shops in the west.  In Southern Klamath County you will come across many charming communities filled with friendly residents, loads of agriculture, history and adventure.  Most likely you’ll come here for the Lava Beds, or travel the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, or to bird the largest Pacific migration stopover at the Klamath Basin Wildlife Refuges, or to see where the Modoc War was fought, or where Japanese Americans were imprisoned during WWII, or to view historical landmarks of the Applegate Trail, or to hunt, or to fish, or to camp, or just to get away from it all to remember what life is really all about.

Discover communities within the South County Region:

Discover communities within the Northern California Region: