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Road Routes

Calling all road cyclists! Have you been on the hunt for the ultimate destination for your next adventure? Consider riding Klamath County! With over 300 days of sunshine each year, you’ll be able to soak up plenty of Vitamin D while tackling diverse and picturesque routes. From mountain passes to rolling farmlands to high desert landscapes, Klamath County has it all. Plus, with low vehicular traffic and generously sized shoulders, you can ride with ease and focus on the stunning scenery. Choose from a range of rides, from the leisurely 9-mile Lake of the Woods route to the challenging 90-mile Ashland Loop, which connects to the Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway. And if there’s one ride you absolutely can’t miss, it’s the breathtaking Crater Lake route. What are you waiting for? Pack up your gear and come experience the beauty and thrill of road cycling in Klamath County!!

Lake of the Woods

Rating: Easy
Miles: 9
Climb (ft): 183
Decent (ft): -402

OC&E Trail Out and  Back

Rating:  Easy
Miles:  14
Climb (ft): 183
Decent (ft): -183

Airport Loop

Rating:  Easy to Moderate
Miles:  28
Climb (ft): 562
Decent (ft): -562

Keno-Worden Loop

Rating:  Easy to Moderate
Miles:  39
Climb (ft): 739
Descent (ft): –745

Airport Loop

Rating: Easy to Moderate
Miles: 29
Climb (ft): 562
Decent (ft): -562

Airport Loop Extended

Rating:  Moderate
Miles:  48
Climb (ft): 871
Descent (ft): -870

Bonanza Loop

Rating:  Moderate
Miles:  45
Climb (ft): 985
Descent (ft): -985

Keno-Worden Loop

Rating:  Easy to Moderate
Miles:  39
Climb (ft): 739
Descent (ft): -745

Merrill Loop

Rating:  Moderate
Miles:  61
Climb (ft): 1,423
Descent (ft): -1,423

Running Y Loop (Triple Loop)

Rating:  Moderate
Miles:  27
Climb (ft): 1,394
Descent (ft): -1,394

Westside Loop

Rating:  Moderate
Miles:  47
Climb (ft): 1,161
Descent (ft): -1,160

Hamaker Out and Back

Rating: Difficult
Miles: 42
Climb (ft): 3,204
Decent (ft): -3,204

Upper Klamath Loop

Rating:  Difficult
Miles:  89
Climb (ft): 2,755
Descent (ft): -2,756

Ashland Loop

Rating:  Extremely Difficult
Miles:  90
Climb (ft): 7,288
Descent (ft): -7,133

Crater Lake Loop

Rating:  Extremely Difficult
Miles:  71
Climb (ft): 6,412
Descent (ft): -6,413

Hyatt Loop

Rating:  Extremely Difficult
Miles:  63
Climb (ft): 4,461
Descent (ft): -4,461

Keno Access Loop

Rating:  Extremely Difficult
Miles:  88
Climb (ft): 4,495
Descent (ft): -4,495

“I like riding in the Klamath region because it is so open, there’s almost nobody on the road here. We have a huge variety of roads, long climbs and long flats, and no matter where you go there’s very little traffic. Its been a constant joy to discover new routes, I’m still finding roads I haven’t ridden before and I ride several thousand miles a year. And we have the most gorgeous scenery . It’s so dramatic, you can see it wherever you are riding!”

-Zach Gilmour, Owner Zach’s Bikes, Klamath Falls

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