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OC&E - Klamath Falls to Silver Lake

OC&E Woods Line State Trail is Oregon’s longest linear park. This 100-mile trail is built on the old railbed of the Oregon, California and Eastern Railroad. The trail is open to all non-motorized recreation, beginning in the heart of Klamath Falls and extending east to Bly and further north to the Sycan Marsh. The first 7.1 miles are paved; the remaining 88 miles of trail are less improved but still a great ride. Beautiful scenery abounds, with majestic Mt. Shasta rising to the south, plus farmland, juniper, sagebrush and timberlands, with highlights including Lost River and Merritt Creek Trestle. At mile 49 the route splits and you can either head east to Bly (14 more miles) or take a left and head north to the Silver Lake area (33 more miles).


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Getaway Train Tips From Klamath Falls

The Amtrak Train Station in Klamath Falls There are many ways to get to Klamath Falls, Oregon. In fact, there are three major highways that meet in Klamath, plus a regional airport. One of the lesser-known ways to travel to Southern Oregon is to take Amtrak to the Klamath Falls train station. The Klamath Falls Amtrak station is the southernmost station in Oregon. The actual station is located at 1600 Oak Avenue sitting at the southern end of Upper Klamath Lake. This train station, also

Historic Downtown: Exploring the Cultural Sites of Klamath Falls

The story of Klamath Falls is one of boom and bust, redemption and gumption, trailblazers and settlers, spirited human progress and sprawling natural beauty. In other words, the story of Klamath County is fascinating. Full of ebbs and flows and the dramatic contrasts that make any story worth telling and any place worth visiting or living in. Klamath County today is a place where culture and history are alive on nearly every corner, and in no place is that more evident than in downtown Klamath

Top 5 Beginner Tips for Using a Recurve Bow

Klamath County has been one of the best hunting destinations in the United States for years. In fact, Klamath is a top destination for bird hunters, thanks to the millions of swans, geese, and ducks that migrate through this county every year. Klamath offers excellent hunting opportunities for both the experienced archers and beginners. And with the hunting season around the corner, this is the best time to start practicing. Luckily, Klamath County has some of the best archery ranges in Oregon where you can