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Merrill Loop

This ride serves as a great tour of both the Poe Valley Area and the Klamath Basin. Traveling through mostly farm roads, this ride explores the scenic side of the area’s rural background. The ride loosely follows the base of Stukel Mountain, following the gentle rolling hills around it. This ride is a good intermediate ride due to the distance. The biggest difficulty lies in the wind, as you generally come back into a headwind and sometimes paradoxically go out in one as well. The climb in the middle of the ride is fairly short and not very steep.

Click on the route in the map to print a map and cue sheet.

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Klamath Falls is home to the Crater Lake–Klamath Regional Airport, a public use airport in Klamath County, Oregon, five miles southeast of the City of Klamath Falls, which owns it. It is used by general aviation, military aviation and a few airline flights. What airlines fly into Klamath Falls Oregon? Unfortunately at this time the Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport is not being served by any commercial airlines. In August 2017 Peninsula Airways, Inc. (PenAir), which had been providing daily flights to and from Portland, ceased

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The Best Places for Klamath Falls Camping Here in Oregon, it’s a formative experience to spend at least one spring or summer night outdoors—camping under starry night skies, making s’mores on a crackling fire, and listening to frogs croak and the wind rustling through towering trees. Camping in and near Klamath Falls provides a great way to experience the Klamath Basin and many surrounding attractions. With the Southern Cascades at its doorstep, Klamath Falls camping offers plenty of opportunities for making memories in nature. Camping

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Nestled along the Oregon and California border, just north of Lava Beds National Monument and due south of majestic Crater Lake National Park, are five of the friendliest little farm towns you absolutely must come see. Merrill, Malin, Dorris, Tulelake, and Bonanza are each distinct communities of a few hundred to just shy of a thousand residents, with their own personalities and charms. They are linked by a collective pride, community spirit, and let’s-all-pull-together-and-do-this-ourselves independence that you can taste in the scratch cooking and feel