Distance From Klamath Falls to Portland, Oregon

How Far is Klamath Falls From Portland?

View of Downtown Klamath Falls from Timbermill Shores along Lake Ewauna - many tall buildings with a rust or tan color with trees, streets, mountains in the background and a blue sky.

View of Downtown Klamath Falls from Timbermill Shores along Lake Ewauna.

Portland is Oregon’s largest city and it sits at the northernmost part of the state on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood. It’s known for being eco-friendly and for its parks, bridges and bicycle paths, plentiful microbreweries and coffeehouses. The city hosts thriving art, theater and music scenes that visitors from all around the world enjoy year-round. Contrarily, Klamath Falls is in the southernmost portion of Oregon, only about 15 miles from the California – Oregon border and has an abundance of outdoor recreation plus over 300 days of sunshine rather than the rainy, grey climate you’ll find in Portland. While the two are at opposite sides of the state, the distance from Klamath Falls, Oregon to Portland, Oregon is only about 280miles. The time from Klamath Falls to Portland is about 5 hours, although if you’re heading north travel times can sometimes differ due to traffic, so keep that in mind when you make your travel plans. If you are looking for trip ideas away from the big city, Klamath is a great option. If you want a quick getaway day trip to a bigger metropolitan area, plan your trip to Portland.

Best Routes from Klamath Falls to Portland, Oregon

A two lane road with a mountain in the distance and blue sky.

The serene beauty of a rural road with no traffic.

Klamath Falls is truly unique in terms of its location. Major cities like Portland to the north and San Francisco to the south are accessible within a five-hour drive. Klamath Falls is the regional hub for several types of transportation including automobile, rail, and air. While Klamath Falls may be a mix of rural and urban life, the area offers a variety of ways to get around. How far is Portland from Klamath Falls depends on how you choose to travel, be it car, train, bus or even flying. You may not know how far is Klamath Falls to Portland Oregon or the best route to take since there are many. Three major highways converge in Klamath Falls, and two will lead you to Portland. The quickest way to get from Klamath Falls to Portland is by taking US-97 to HWY 58, then I-5 north to the city. If you are going for a day trip to Portland you will certainly want to go this route to save the most time. However, you can also take HWY 140 W to I-5 north. No matter which way you decide, traveling to Portland is always scenic.

Traveling From Klamath Falls to Portland by Plane

While Klamath Falls does have a regional airport, there is not a direct plane flight from the city of Klamath Falls to Portland, but flying to Portland from a nearby airport is possible and done frequently. The closest airport to Klamath Falls is the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport  located 70 miles to the west of the city. You can get to this airport by bus or car, then catch a direct 45-minute flight to Portland International Airport. There are many flight times and a range of ticket prices available daily for trips from MRF to PDX.

A Scenic Train Ride From Klamath Falls to Portland

Train tracks along a rural countryside and rolling mountains in the distance against a blue sky backdrop.

The scenic train ride heading from Klamath Falls.

Another travel option between Klamath Falls and Portland is by train. The Coast Starlight train services operate a west coast adventure running from Los Angeles up to Seattle, with train stops in both Klamath Falls and Portland, Oregon. This is a great scenic option and quite the experience taking just over seven hours from start to finish. Portland may be on your travel list, but with the nearby train station, there are many train getaways from Klamath Falls to discover.