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Fish Lake Trail

Fish Lake Trail offers an easy single-track trail that winds along the North shore of Fish Lake. Great views of Brown Mountain offer a nice backdrop to the lake. Start either at the east end of the lake near the Campgrounds or the west end where Little Butte Creek intersects Road 37. Fish Lake Trail is often used while riding the Brown Mountain Loop or an extension of the High Lakes Trail.

Click on the route in the map to print a map and cue sheet.

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Locals know it to be true and visitors to the region are just discovering it—Klamath County, Oregon, has some of the most scenic hikes on the West Coast. Located in the south central part of the state, Klamath County features hiking trails with breathtaking panoramic views from volcanic peaks, unrivaled mountaintop vistas, and seemingly endless high-alpine lakes to wander and explore. It’s home to Oregon’s only National Park (Crater Lake), as well as numerous wilderness areas and National Forest Service lands. By using the town


For decades, the Klamath Basin was known more for its mining, logging, and rail operations than its rich natural beauty. But as new rules, technological advances, and environmental protections curtailed those historic industries, a new, outdoors-focused culture arose in their wake. Today, outdoor adventurers are getting wise to the secrets that lie in southern Oregon’s Cascade foothills. Bird-watchers gather every winter to watch hundreds of thousands of migrating waterfowl, cyclists and hikers peruse paths that once served logging outfits, and the spectacular Crater Lake National

The Best Food for Takeout in Klamath Falls

Best Takeout Restaurants in Klamath Falls, Oregon Oregon is well known for its incredible ingredients, from black truffles and hazelnuts to sustainably caught tuna, salmon and crab, to locally grown potatoes, mint, onion and garlic. Not to mention the wine and beer scene. Klamath Falls restaurants are no exception to this, and many of them use locally-sourced ingredients, like the ones mentioned above. As more people declare themselves “foodies” it only makes sense that dining has become an even larger part of the travel experience.