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Built in 1908 when the railroad came through, Dorris is proud home to the tallest American flagpole west of the Rockies. The historic and charming town is an excellent base camp for enjoying the natural beauty along the California and Oregon border with the birder’s paradise of Meiss Lake Wildlife Refuge just a few miles to the south. Downtown features a sculpture park, town mural, and restaurants near city hall, while the recently completed log lodge is the go-to place for rubbing shoulders with locals at community events and youth rodeos. Anyone looking for an unusual place to sleep must stop and stay the night or better yet a few at Burcher’s Hospitality Bed & Breakfast, which was once a turn-of-the-century country hospital. Or if a more rustic experience is what you’re after, reserve the Lookout Tower at Little Mt. Hoffman with views of Mt. Shasta so close you can almost touch it.