If you are looking for something both unusual and exciting, look no further than the Crater Lake ZipLine experience. While there are lots of other great things to do at Crater Lake, this adventure will give you a perfect view of the surrounding area and be an opportunity that you won’t forget. Let’s go over some of the in’s and out’s of zip-lining and why the Crater Lake ZipLine Adventure is one of the best in the Pacific Northwest.


First off, for those who are just a little curious about zip-lining, let’s discuss what exactly it is. And have no fear, it is perfectly safe! You may hear a zipline called by a few other names: zip-wire, death slide, aerial fox, or, aerial runway to name a few. A zipline consists of a pulley that is suspended from a cable. It is often times made of stainless steel and mounted on a slope. The purpose of a zipline is to use gravity to propel you from the top of the cable to the bottom while attached to the pulley. Zipline adventures are quickly becoming a popular vacation activity. As for the safety of ziplines, with proper training and good maintenance, they are as safe as ever.

The Crater Lake ZipLine, for example, is designed, engineered, and built according to ACCT and ASTM required standards. It is also annually inspected by 3rd-party and Forest Service Inspectors. It is also inspected daily by guides before operations.

The Experience

The Crater Lake Zipline is about 40 minutes south of Crater Lake or west of Klamath Falls, respectively. It is located off of Highway 140. This canopy tour covers nine zipline platforms through the Fremont-Winema National Forest. While on the tour, you will see sights of Mt. McLoughlin, Upper Klamath Lake and Wetlands, Pelican Butte, Brown Mountain, and portions of the Cascade Mountain Range. The Crater Lake Zipline length totals approximately 1 ½ miles for the whole course.

The zipline takes you on high-flying fun at heights of up to 100 feet while in the canopy. There are also two skybridges and two controlled descent rappels, all of which we will cover shortly. The tour will take groups of up to 10 people with two trained and experienced tour guides that will help with the transfer from tree to tree.

The tour uses state-of-the-art equipment to help ensure your safety. The Crater Lake ZipLine Adventure also features an on-the-ground training session, which is conducted by your tour guides well before the zipping begins. You will be taught how to hand brake, as you are required to slow yourself down and brake with a special glove. Along with learning how to sit (comfortably) in your harness and other useful techniques.

How Long Should You Expect To Be There?

The Crater Lake ZipLine takes approximately three hours from start to finish of the canopy tour. It is recommended that you plan at least four hours for the preparation and zipline. Those partaking in the tour are required to show up 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time for the zipline. The tours can be closer to 2 ½ or 3 ½ hours while in the trees. But all tours vary in time depending on your party size, as well.

Checking In And Getting Ready

At the Crater Lake ZipLine, you will start out at the Outpost where you will check in. While checking in, you will fill out the patient agreement paperwork, and also be weighed. It is required that you weigh at least 70 pounds and do not exceed 250 pounds for safety concerns. You will then be introduced to the previously mentioned tour guides. They will help you get into your harness, helmet, and other gear. Once you have passed all these steps, your guides will drive you in the six-seater UTV’s to the top of Tomahawk Hill. Once here, you will begin the on-the-ground training session. There is no need to fear the on the ground training session. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to get a full picture of what to expect while on the course, and the proper way to use all your equipment. Your guides at the Crater Lake ZipLine will also give you an opportunity to practice ziplining and braking on ground level before you go on the course.

On The Course And In The Air

After you finish practicing, and both your guides and you feel prepared, it’s time to start zipping. The Crater Lake ZipLine guides will then lead you onto the course. You will zip from different tree platforms on nine different zips along the longest zipline in Oregon – two of the zips are a quarter-mile long! You will also get to go on the two sky bridges that are suspended between the trees. You get to rappel from one of the tree platforms to another which is about 40 feet below you using the Crater Lake ZipLine’s own technology, DEUS device. This device controls your descent at a slow pace. Then you will rappel out of the canopy and make your way back to the last platform on the ground. This final rappel will end your Crater Lake ZipLine Adventure perfectly. Your tour guides will clip you into the DEUS device and the drop will take you on a 55 foot descent to the forest floor! Once every one of your party has completed the final descent, you will be lead back to the outpost where you can take off your harnesses and prepare for departure.

Cost, Tour Dates, And Age

The Crater Lake ZipLine Adventure varies by date and time on prices. If you plan to go Monday through Friday price range is around $95 per rider. On Saturday and Sunday, you will find price range around $105 per rider. There are some fees for tax and land usage.

As for tour dates, the Crater Lake ZipLine usually plans to be open year long. Of course, some days will be weather permitting.

The minimum age requirement is 10 years old. There is no age cap, as long as you are in good health. The oldest known person to go on the Crater Lake ZipLine is 74 years old!

Younger Riders At Sasquatch Hollow

For the younger riders that do not meet the height, weight, or age requirement for the Crater Lake ZipLine, they can head over to Sasquatch Hollow.

Sasquatch Hollow Kid’s ZipLine is located at the Crater Lake ZipLine and is ideal for kids ages 5-13. Plan to be onsite for this adventure for 2 to 3 hours, as well. The cost for the younger riders is around $50.

The course takes up to 18 people per group, and goes through much of the same process as the Crater Lake Zipline Adventure. You will be required to check in and sign the participant paperwork, and the guides will check that you meet the height and weight requirements. Once you have passed this, your younger zippers will be helped into their harnesses and take a ground-class session.

Then it’s off to the course! The young riders will get the chance to zipline, take on the Rolling Rapids Challenge, go across Sasquatch Bridge, crawl across the spider web, and go through the Lava Tube.

After the younger adventures complete their experience, they can either head back and play in the trees, as long as time permits, or meet back up with friends and family.

The Crater Lake ZipLine Sasquatch Hollow guides will then help youngsters out of their gear and send you off to the Yurt at the Outpost where you can check out photos of both adventures, or buy a souvenir. Once you’re finished, you can check out the Crater Lake Visitor Centers.

Additional Information

As you prepare to go on your Crater Lake ZipLine Adventure, here are a few other things to be aware of. You are required to wear close toed shoes. Hiking shoes or tennis shoes are the preferred shoe choice. Any sort of sandal will not be permitted. Plan to wear pants or longer shorts. T-shirts and sweatshirts are also ideal. On the days that have cooler temperatures, plan for more layers. Dresses, skirts, and flowy clothes are not permitted. It is prohibited to use cell phones or cameras on the course. This is so all guests can fully enjoy the Crater Lake ZipLine experience, as well as overall safety. It is also recommend that you leave all valuable items at home or locked in your car. There is no secure spot on site to store items. There is a place you may keep your keys though. No dangling jewelry is permitted on the course. For your safety, please remove all piercings that could entangle with the gear. Any lost jewelry is unfortunately lost to the forest floor, with no way to retrieve. It is also asked that if you have long hair, to keep it pulled back. Sunglasses are allowed and help on sunny days. You can purchase a safety strap for these on-site or online. For your safety and the safety of others, anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be prohibited from riding. For a complete list or to schedule your Crater Lake ZipLine Adventure call 541.892.947

See You On The Zipline

The Crater Lake ZipLine Adventure is a day’s worth of fun for all ages. Plan to have a great day, and an experience you won’t soon forget. With options for all ages, this is a fun vacation location with incredible views. So get zipping and we’ll see you in the air!