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Brown Mountain Trail

Brown Mountain Trail, a popular trail, travels through beautiful old growth forests on classic single track with some double track. The trailhead is located off Forest Road 3640 on the northwest side of Lake of the Woods. The route can be traveled in either direction. Brown Mountain Trail uses a combination of trail segments so a GPS track is suggested. Don’t miss the great views of Mt. McLoughlin from the High Lakes Trail segment.


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Klamath County is a place speckled and splashed with paradisiacal (and somewhat) paradoxical charm. In other less tongue-twistery words, Klamath County is a beautiful destination where the phrase “less is more” is equally as true as “more is more.” There are less crowds, less worries, and less hectic ways of living. At the same time, there’s more hiking, more kayaking, more outdoors, more adventure, and… well—there’s just MORE in Klamath County. More to do, more places to be, and more things to see. So, without

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Slowly but surely, Klamath County has become a world-class, nationally-recognized mountain biking destination. Not long ago, only local riders or a lucky few travelers were in on the secret. All the other fat-tire fanatics were heading to Bend or Hood River for their (admittedly fantastic) mountain biking scenes, while Southern Oregon’s Klamath Basin steadily cruised under the radar on a wide-open stretch of singletrack. That’s decidedly not the case anymore. These days, Klamath County boasts a robust network of trail systems that are practically bursting