Bringing Your Kids to Klamath County? Here Are the Things You Should Know

Five hours south of Portland Oregon is home to a mecca for individuals and families. Klamath County, Oregon is a nature enthusiast’s paradise with no shortage of activities. From the regal and vast Crater Lake to winding wilderness trails, numerous water adventure, there is no shortage of activities and views for the entire family to enjoy. Read this guide on the can’t-miss attractions and tips for a stress free family vacation.

Volcanic Views of Crater Lake

Home to the deepest volcanic lake in the U.S., Crater Lake formed when Mount Mazama catastrophically exploded over 7,700 years ago. The result of the explosion was a stunning caldera lined with spectacular mountain views, abundant hiking trails, and crystal clear water.

Outlining the perimeter of the lake’s shoreline is the Volcanic Scenic Legacy Byway. This 33-mile portion of the scenic byway is combined with views surrounding the caldera and full views of Crater Lake. No matter the season, visitors and families can enjoy mild summer temperatures or snow covered nature trails.

Crater Lake is an epic place for a family photo.

Crater Lake also has boat tours taking visitors around the inside of the caldera and on tours of Wizard Island in the summer. Jutting out above the caldera is Wizard Island formed from years of small eruptions after the catastrophic explosion. The caldera and island are a wonderfully relaxing and family friendly stress free activity. If you want to tour this beautiful island, make sure to schedule your trip in the summer months, access to the island is closed during the winter.

High Tech Scavenger Hunt

Geocaching has recently caught on across the world. Using an app or website, hunters get locations with riddles to solve where hidden treasure might be. The trinkets have little value but the placement of each of these items is along trails, parks, and in cities. Geocaching in Klamath County is a fun way to keep kids excited and “hunting” for treasure while also touring and enjoy different parts of Klamath County.

Natural Green Landscapes for Hiking

Two boys enjoy an easy stroll on the trail around Lake of the Woods.

One of the main draws of Klamath County is natural beauty and hiking.  Make sure you are prepared for your family hike on the Link River Trail or High Lakes Trail. Both of these trails are rated easy for all family members. Taking precautions like bug spray and long pants will keep the bugs at bay and help you enjoy Klamath County outdoor scenery. To avoid bringing home unwanted parasitic guests, make sure you and your family have long hiking pants, light long sleeve shirts (preferably light in color), and plenty of bug repellent.

Prior to setting out on any hiking or wilderness excursion make sure you know have the numbers and locations of the nearest wildlife ranger’s station. There are several varieties of poisonous snakes indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, none more dangerous than the Western Rattlesnake.

It is best to speak with a park ranger before heading out on an excursion. Be sure to ask the rangers about wildlife activity in the area of your hike or adventure. They will be able to tell you about bears and snake activity and how to best avoid getting in the cross-hairs.

Biking Trips

Aside from hiking, you can enjoy nature by biking. Or perhaps, enjoy hiking and biking together. You can get a bike rental and stroll the OC&E Woodsline State Trail or Fish Lake Trail. If you are planning on a more challenging biking trip, try Spence Mountain and you’ll be sure to have the adventure your kids wanted. But this is only applicable to bigger kids, and make sure not to leave your trash behind. You can find more information on cycling at

Pets Very Welcome

Of course, most kids are pet-lovers, particularly dogs and cats. Oregon has been known for its openness to visiting pets. Make sure to have a strong leash for larger dogs and have your pet leashed at all times – The last thing you want is your dog challenging a bear.

Winter Sports for All

Regardless of the time of year you are traveling to Klamath County, there are plenty of family-friendly sports to enjoy. The winter snowfall is perfect for families that enjoy skiing and snowboarding. With several levels of difficulty ranging from bunny hills to black diamonds, each family member can enjoy the slopes at the Willamette Pass.

Not into extreme winter sports? No problem! There are dozens of snowy areas for safe sledding like Annie Creek Sno-Park, Walt-Haring Sno-Park, among others!  All you have to bring is your family and the mountain will provide the rest.

Skating at the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena if fun for families of all ages.

Bill Collier Community Ice Arena is also a favorite spot for families of all ages.  The covered outdoor rink is located at the entrance of the Running Y Ranch Resort and offers a variety of options for fun on the ice.  Choose from open and family skate sessions, freestyle sessions, drop-in hockey games, and broomball or curling lessons.

For families wanting to take a winter hike, consider cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. This is the best way to enjoy hiking in the winter. Make sure to bring water bottles, multiple layers of warm clothing, and plenty of sunscreen.

Summer Fun

Traveling in the summer offers its own set of sports available to families. Golfing in Klamath County is available for players of all skill and age ranges. The elevation of courses feature breathtaking views and mountain wildlife creating a unique combination of golf and wilderness. Plan ahead to make sure everything fits into your car including your golf club. For families wanting to make a fun round, consider the Running Y Mini Golf. This was designed to be easy and stress free for families of all ages.

Lake of the Woods and other local waterways let visitors venture out in boats, kayaks, or jet skis. Only available during the summer, guests can build their own water adventure. Before embarking on a boat trip, make sure you meet Oregon and Klamath County boating and fishing guidelines. If you are renting a boat or taking a guided trip, the local guide or rental company will take care of all permits and required documentation.

Let the kids soar through the trees at Sasquatch Hollow Kid’s ZipLine Adventure.

One of the best compliments to the elevation and wilderness of Klamath County is the Crater Lake ZipLine and Sasquatch Hollow Kid’s ZipLine Adventure. No equipment, training, or skill needed. Simply show up and soar through miles of untouched wilderness with stunning panoramic views.

Start Planning Your Trip 

No matter the season or interest, Klamath County Oregon activities and views provide a one of a kind experience for a wide base of visitors. A family-friendly atmosphere and activity list make this a perfect vacation spot for adventure junkies, nature enthusiasts, and families of all ages. A unique mountain and lake experience seldom found elsewhere in the world await you and your family in Klamath County.