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Hiking Southern Oregon is a fun adventure for everyone visiting the area. And Klamath County features some of the best Oregon hiking trails in the whole state! But, you may ask, what about trails that are friendly for all ages, from young to old? Well, never fear, we have you taken care of for that. We have put together a brief guide of 4 Oregon hiking trails for all ages, so grandma, grandpa and baby brother or sister can tag along and have just as much fun! So, let’s get started on the best Oregon hiking trails for everyone to enjoy!

Lower Klamath Basin Trail

The Lower Klamath Basin Trail is our first stop on Oregon hiking trails for all ages. This particular trail is one of the 3 trails located at Moore Park. The Lower Klamath Basin trail is 2.1 miles and you will often see other families on this trail as it is moderately trafficked. This Oregon hiking trail is right in the backdoor of Klamath Falls, so you won’t need to travel far.
Also as far as Oregon hiking trails go, it is also known for the stunning arrays of beautiful wild flowers you will find along the trail. This trail is rated as an easy to moderate hiking difficulty depending on your own personal level of fitness.

The majority of the time, this Oregon hiking trail is used for not only hiking but also walking, nature trips, and birding. The best times to hike along this trail and get the best views and trail conditions are between March and October. You can hike the trail during other months, as well though.

This trail also offers the option to bring the whole family, even your furry dog companion. Dogs are welcome along the trail, as long as you keep them on a leash and clean up after them. With all of these great features in mind, this definitely marks the Lower Klamath Basin trail as an Oregon hiking trails must.

For another great reason to visit this location consider this review by Leonard:
“Very easy trail, save for about 40 ft of steep incline 1/4 of the way in the trail. A very relaxing walk in the woods. I can’t wait to transverse this trail once it snows. It (the trail) seemed almost bug-free, save for butterflies.”

Squaw Lake Trail

The second trail on our Oregon hiking trails for all ages is Squaw Lake Trail. This is another great trail that is only 4.1 miles long and located near Klamath Falls. This is a back trail that you will often see other families enjoying themselves on as well.

This trail is considered to be easy to moderate based on its difficulty level, but is enjoyable for all ages and all skill levels, from the youngest to the oldest hiker. As Oregon hiking trails go, this one offers a variety of activity options like fishing at the lake and rope swings.

This trail’s best hiking conditions range from the months of June through October. While you can hike this trail during the other months, its peak time is during these months.

Oregon hiking trails just aren’t as much fun without your loyal companion. This trail is extremely pet friendly and you will often see many different dogs along this path. Just remember to pick up after your companion along the trail. Sometimes you may even see a dog or two swimming in Squaw Lake!

For more reasons to visit this great lake consider these two reviews by Stan and David:
“This was a beautiful walk and the lake was well worth it. There are some small ponds on the way which are beautiful in their own way as well.”

“Squaw lake is a gem. Trails are wide so whole family could ride around together or enough room to share with others. There were a couple of rope swings to jump in the lake for a refreshing swim. We swam with fish and skipped rocks. Definitely going back again.”

Lost Peak via Badger Lake Trail

The next Oregon hiking trail on our list will appeal to everyone. Lost Peak via Badger Lake Trail is a 9.9 mile trail. Of course, you don’t have to do all 10 miles of this hike, unless you want to. This Oregon hiking trail often sees many families hiking as well. It is a back trail that is located near Klamath Falls.

The Lost Peak via Badger Lake Trail is considered by many to be easy to moderately rated on trail difficulty. But even the seasoned expert can have plenty to enjoy on Oregon hiking trails for all ages, this one especially.

The best times of year to use the trail for trail conditions is usually considered between the months of June through October. Of course, like the other trails, you can hike at any time unless the trail is closed. Most people who take this trail use it primarily for hiking or trail running. This trail is also great for horseback riding, but be sure to obtain permission before bringing your pack animals.

For quick and easy directions from Klamath Falls to this particular Oregon hiking trail: Travel northwest on Highway 140 out of Klamath Falls and turn right (north) onto Forest Road 3661 (sign indicates Fourmile Lake Campground), just past the turnoff to Lake of the Woods. Continue up the road approximately 5.6 miles to the Fourmile Lake Campground at the road’s end. Turn left (west) onto the campground road; follow signs to the trailhead. There are no parking fees for your vehicle while you hike the trail.

For another great reason to stop take this Oregon hiking trails must, here’s what Nick said:
“Hiking to Badger Lake is fairly easy as there are no tough climbs. The views of Mt. McLoughlin as you travel along Fourmile Lake are stunning. Once you get to Badger Lake follow the trail to the North Side of the Lake and then continue around the Lake toward the west. You’ll come across a well-established camping spot. The lake looks fairly shallow and would probably be a great place to take an afternoon swim in the summer.”

Link River Trail

The last Oregon hiking trails for all ages that we will cover is the Link River Trail. This is another awesome trail that is 2.7 miles long. Many families enjoy this Oregon hiking trail all year long. This back trail is located near Klamath Falls, so you won’t need to travel far at all for this one either.

As Oregon hiking trails go this trail is considered to be easy to moderate difficulty based on each individuals hiking level and skill. It is a wonderful location due to its proximity to Klamath Falls and because it features a serene view of the river. Often times you will see trail runners and bird watchers along this trail.

The best conditions to take the Link River trail are usually considered to be between the months of March through October. While you can hike this trail any time of year, be sure to bring a jacket during the winter months as it can be slightly chilly due to the proximity of the trail to the Link River.

Another key feature that this hike, like many of the best Oregon hiking trails for all ages, is that your dog travel companion can come along on this hike. The trail is wide enough for many people to take it at once, so bring the dog, the kids, and your parents for a fun hike by the historic Link River.

For more reasons to consider putting this down as an Oregon hiking trail for all ages consider these two reviews by Joe and Nedi respectively:
“Pretty for a trail run, and a great segment to incorporate into the Moore system. Great views of the ‘falls’. Lots of side trails for fishing and birdwatching as well as very easy to access for those that want to just walk. A lot of brush has been cut back lately for better access to the river itself.”

“Beautiful little walk. Lots of birds and the butterflies followed me most of the way. I went down one of the little slopes to where the river was calmer and it was so peaceful and kinda hidden.”

Hiking With the Whole Family

While you enjoy your vacation in Southern Oregon, getting out and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature is one of the best ways to make a memorable trip. Consider going on one of these 4 Oregon hiking trails for all ages to make memories you will remember forever. For other great Southern Oregon hikes to consider, take a look at our go-to guide for Oregon hikes. Be sure to snap some great photos and let us know what you think of these great Oregon hiking trails for all ages. Have fun hiking the trails with your whole family in Southern Oregon. See you on the trails!