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Klamath Falls, Oregon: The Gateway to Crater Lake and some of the best water sports in Southern Oregon. Klamath Falls has many offerings for your vacation to Crater Lake and the surrounding area. While you visit this quaint town, be sure to take advantage of the many opportunities of things to do near Klamath Falls before moving on. Klamath Falls is the perfect location to explore Southern Oregon – plus, you cross the 25 mile-away border and you can venture into Northern California. To help you make the most of your trip, let’s take some time to go over 14 things to do while in Klamath Falls.

1. Moore Park

Many locals of the Klamath Falls area will recommend that you make a stop at Moore Park. This park is located at the south end of Upper Klamath Lake in Klamath Falls. This park is definitely a Klamath Falls crown jewel.Perhaps the most well-known feature that Moore Park offers is a variety of hiking and biking trails. The trail network that has been developed around Moore Park tends to numerous bicyclists, hikers, and runners on a regular basis. The development behind the trail systems offers a variety of terrain and vegetation, as well as offering the best views of Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath Basin. The access road on the north side has also been permanently closed to automobiles to allow for more hiking trails.Moore Park hosts and features many activities in Klamath Falls. Here you will find soccer fields, tennis courts, open play areas, and large picnic areas with barbeque pits. If you spend long enough here, there is also a day camp area, covered pavilions for special events, extensive hiking trails, restrooms, a concession building, maintenance buildings, a caretaker’s residence, and parking areas.Moore Park has plenty of things to do in Klamath Falls, as it is a hub for many outdoor events. Many of its major uses are by the community with soccer events, disc golf, scouting events, and special occasions.Be sure to come by to enjoy a lovely day watching the local events or to have a picnic with a lakeside view.

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2. Klamath Lake


While stopping at Moore Park, you can enjoy some time at Upper Klamath Lake. This freshwater body is the largest west of the Rocky Mountains measuring close to 30 miles long and 8 miles wide. It covers a surface of 91,000 acres and 98 miles of shoreline. Klamath Lake is an ideal location to spend some time on the water by remaining close to local lodgings and amenities. This is a great option for a hot summer day as you take advantage of biking, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing.There are excellent locations for fishing at Pelican Bay, where many of the largest trout make their home.If you keep your eyes open and look around, you may even be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of some local wildlife. Waterfowl, otters, mink, deer, and bald eagles all make their home in this area.The best location to catch Grebes dancing is at Putnam Point Park along Upper Klamath Lake. This is one of the most popular reasons visitors will come to gaze at this stunning lake.
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3. Swimming Pools

We recommend that for hot summer afternoons, consider stopping by Ella Redkey Pool as well for another refreshing thing to do in Klamath Falls.This geothermal-heated outdoor pool offers many local events to take part in. There are local swim lessons, summer camps, private lessons, private parties, exercise, lifeguard classes, and more to choose from. You will always find something fun and exciting going on here. Even if you want to only take advantage of the free swim option, this is the perfect spot to cool down.Whether you want to schedule a private event while visiting or just interact with local residents and get the scoop on Klamath Falls, Ella Redkey Pool is an excellent choice for a relaxing day in Klamath Falls.

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4. Lake Of The Woods

While looking for things to do in Klamath Falls, take a day to go to Lake of the Woods. This local lake is a popular recreation spot and resort.The east side of the lake features two campgrounds with 214 camping sites. Aspen Point campground has 60 campsites with Sunset campground having the remaining 64 campsites. You will also find two day use only areas for swimming and picnicking.Lake of the Woods also features 3 organizational based camps near the lake. The year round Lake of the Woods Resort, a general store open in the summer months, and a marina that offers a variety of boat rentals and moorage space, and 32 rental cabins.Lake of the Woods is a popular location for swimming, fishing, canoeing, boating, water skiing, and regular summer activities. There are also great trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. If you stop in the winter, you can even go ice fishing. Stop on by this beautiful lake to take part in any of these activities or just to relax and enjoy the lakeside views.

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5. Waterfalls

People always ask, “Where are the waterfalls in Klamath Falls?”And the blatant truth is… there are no falls named Klamath Falls. The waterfalls in Klamath Falls are actually called Link River Falls, named for the town’s original name Linkville. They are located on the Link River and can be accessed on the Link River Walking Trail. The Link River is the 7th shortest river in the U.S. and links Upper Klamath Lake and Lake Euwana in Downtown Klamath Falls. The best time of year to view the falls is in the spring when water in surplus.There are many other surrounding waterfalls to visit during your trip to Southern Oregon. There are as many as 30 named and unnamed in the surrounding area. While some are just little falls, there are many stunning waterfalls that reach fall heights of 115 feet. Stopping by Crater Lake, you will see some of the most well-known waterfalls like Annie Falls, Vidae Falls, Duwee Falls, and Plaikni Falls for example. Some others in the surrounding area to make a stop by are Toketee Falls or Watson Falls. The well-known waterfalls, or named waterfalls, have trails to hike along of varying lengths. Some of these waterfalls like Vidae Falls are right off the road.You can easily make a day out of it and try and stop by as many waterfalls as possible. Each waterfall is different and you will be amazed by the differences.

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6. Odell Lake And Crescent Lake

When looking into things to do while in Klamath Falls, if you decide you want to stop at as many lakes as possible, then add Odell Lake and Crescent Lake. Both lakes offer a variety of amenities to make the most of your stay.Odell Lake offers a vast shoreline for you to explore and the Odell Lake Lodge and Resort is the best spot to relax after a day of exploring or fishing. Odell Lake Lodge offers a horseback riding option where you can get a tour of the Deschutes National Forest. Every year, fisherman from all over the world journey to Odell Lake for The Annual Mackinaw Derby. This is considered to be one of the most fascinating lake fishing events in the United States.Crescent Lake is located along the eastern side of the Cascades Mountain Range. Crescent Lake has a camping resort at HooDoo Recreation ideal for a lake adventure. Every site is fairly close to the water, and offers you first hand access to the lake. You will also find boat ramps for your convenience.Other great activities to take part in at Odell Lake or Crescent Lake are boating, canoeing, jet skiing, paddle boarding/boating, lake tours, frisbee golf, and a variety of others.

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7. Willamette Pass Ski Resort

What about things to do in Klamath Falls in the winter, you may ask? Well then head on over to Willamette Pass Ski Resort. But never fear, you can also visit in the summer as well. Willamette Pass is a year round destination, with a variety of activities for the seasons.In the summer at Willamette Pass, you can go hiking, sightseeing, disc golfing, geocaching, and downhill mountain biking. The winter is perfect for a great day on the slopes skiing, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, and inner tubing. During the summer months the ski lift, Eagle Peak Accelerator, is converted into a gondola that can take 6 where you will see aerial views of the surrounding Klamath County.Willamette Pass is well known for having one of the steepest runs in the world, known as RTS. Willamette is great to take skiing lessons, for those novices as it features many beginner trails. The Lodge at Willamette Pass features a restaurant, ski shop, lost and found service, and ski and snowboard rentals.

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8. Local Art Shops

When visiting Klamath Falls, you may want things to do at night, or to soak up the local atmosphere. There are two wonderful art studios to make a stop by: Next of Kiln and Wild Pigments Art Studio.Do you like pottery and painting? Next of Kiln is a lovely local location to enjoy both of those things. While here, you can enjoy the local art work, or paint your own piece of pottery. It’s a great place to learn a new skill, or simply further your knowledge of pottery. You can even purchase already made pottery to take home with you.Wild Pigments Art Studio offers art lessons for people of all ages. Wild Pigments is always offering special events for you to take part in. The many workshops they bring in are an excellent use of time as you further your art skills. You can even schedule your own party here.Other locations to find a wide variety are at Klamath Art Gallery, Modoc Art Gallery at the Klamath County Museum, or Two Rivers Art Gallery in nearby Chiloquin. There are also many murals and sculptures in Downtown Klamath Falls to observe as you explore.Stop on by any one of these local art shops for a real taste of talented local art things to do in Klamath Falls.

9. Lava Beds National Monument

As Klamath Falls sits on the border of Oregon and California, you can spend time in both of these states. The best way to see both while looking for things to do in Klamath Falls, is to cross the border and go to Lava Beds National Monument.Lava Beds National Monument offers a variety of spaces to explore. There are numerous lava tube caves, 25 of which have marked entrances and trails for public access. You will also find trails through the Great Basin xeric shrubland desert landscape and nearby volcanic field.Contrary to popular belief that no wildlife can exist here, you will also get a glimpse at the numerous types of flora and fauna that have made their home in the Lava Beds.There are shorter and longer trails for those who wish to adventure further into the Lava Beds. You can even stop by Petroglyph Point, which is one of the largest panels of Native American rock art in the United States.

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10. Crater Lake

One definite must of things to do in Klamath Falls is to take the stunning drive up to Crater Lake National Park. It is a quick trip as it is only 60 miles away from Klamath Falls. Since this is the only National Park in the state of Oregon, it is well worth the trip.Crater Lake is famous for its water with deep blue hues and clarity. The lake was formed after the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama’s destruction a few thousand years ago.While visiting Crater Lake, you will want to stop at Crater Lake Lodge or one of the two visitor centers for a complete guide to all things Crater Lake. You can even find out how to journey out to the island in the middle of the lake, Wizard Island.With things to do at Crater Lake in both the summer and winter seasons, it’s a great option for a day of exploring, or even a weekend trip.

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11. Rivers Around Klamath

Klamath Falls features a close location to many rivers, perfect for exploring things to do in Klamath Falls. If you like water sports, or enjoy the tranquil beauty of water, glimpsing one of the areas rivers is certainly a must.Klamath Falls is one of the many hidden gems in water related activities in Oregon. You can get some wonderful fishing along the many rivers that flow by Klamath Falls. You will find quite a variety of fish to catch along the various rivers dotting Klamath County. While along some of the quieter rivers, you can even do some leisurely kayaking or canoeing.The Klamath River is a great fast and furious river, while the Williamson and Wood Rivers are more tranquil. The Link River connects Upper Klamath Lake to Lake Ewauna in Klamath Falls.Whether you want to hit the rapids or cast your fishing pole, the many rivers surrounding Klamath Falls are a beauty to behold.

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12. White Water Rafting

White water rafting is certainly on the list of things to do in Klamath Falls. As mentioned earlier, Klamath Falls has a wide variety of rivers and lakes ideal for water sports. White water rafting opportunities abound in the area as one of the best water sports.Whether you want to take a half day excursion or a whole day excursion, there are many options to choose from on any of the many rivers. The Klamath River features over 180 miles of premier whitewater rafting.Some of the best opportunities for a white water rafting adventure are offered through Momentum River Expeditions, Rogue Wilderness Adventures, and Noah’s River Expeditions. They each feature knowledgeable guides who have traversed the rapids hundreds of times.Whether you choose the Upper Klamath or the Lower Klamath white water rafting excitements depending on extreme rapids or more relaxed rapids, you’ll also get a great view of the Klamath wilderness.

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13. Hiking And Biking

Klamath Falls is well known for their outdoor sports, as you may have guessed. Many people venture out for things to do in Klamath Falls in the form of hiking or biking. Klamath Falls is home to numerous trails of varying degrees of difficulty.Moore Mountain offers 14 trails ideal for mountain biking and hiking. You can find short trails of around 1 mile and longer trails that go up to 15 miles for the real thrill seeker. You will also find a variety of trails with the Spence Mountain Trail Systems, that were professionally designed for mountain biking. Also popular is the OC&E rail to trail route that is on Oregon’s longest linear State Park.Hiking trails around Link River, Pacific Crest Trail, and High Lake Trails, Spence Mountain Trail Systems also offer a variety of difficulties. For a view of the surrounding area, consider hiking along Brown Mountain or Mount McLoughlin. If you want to make a short afternoon of it, or a day long adventure complete with a picnic, any of these trails would be a great choice.

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14. Bird Watching

Many people have found things to do in Klamath Falls while bird watching. This age old activity is well known in the Klamath Basin area. With some of the best birding locations in the western United States, grab your binoculars and start looking.The Klamath Basin Birding Trail is where many bird watchers go to get a glimpse of the over 350 species of birds. The Klamath Basin is well known for its diversity and abundance of bird life due to the surrounding habitats: marshes, open waters, coniferous forests, Juniper woodlands, oak-chaparral, sagebrush-grassland, grassy meadows, and rocky cliffs.There are even special opportunities to see specific birds if you visit in the right season. For example, in the winter (primarily November to February) over 500 Bald Eagles winter in the Klamath Basin.You may even be fortunate enough to witness the “water dance” that courting grebes perform or see millions of geese flying overhead.

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When visiting Klamath Falls and looking for things to do, you will find plenty for everyone of all sizes and ages. Whether you want to relax by a lake, explore some trails, find all the nearby waterfalls, or hit the slopes, Klamath Falls will give you plenty to choose from.We hope that with these 14 things to do while in Klamath Falls, you will choose one or all of these to try for yourself. You can even find others that we didn’t include. You’ll definitely get beautiful views while you do all of these. Have fun out there with all of these things to do!

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